Congratulations, winners!

The winners of Fresno County Public Library's 20th Annual Poetry Contest were announced Sunday at the awards ceremony. And the winners are... 3rd - 6th Grade: Third Place: "Waterfall" by Charlie Marie J. Second Place: "In the Garden," by Elizabeth L. First Place: "A Poem about Me," by Andres P. Middle School: Third Place: “We,” by Aaralyn V. Second Place: “Of All the Planets,” by Ellie M. First Place: “The Labels that Appear to Define Us,” by Mia V. High School: Third Place: "say anything," by Manjot D. Second Place: "State of Flux," by Dallas H. First Place: "Waves," by Roxana V. Adults: Third Place: “It's About Justice,” by Ernesto Maldonado. Second Place: “Twenty-Six Students,” by Alexis Ramirez. First Place: “Silver Ghosts,” by Elizabeth Crank.
Congratulations to all who won, and thanks to all who submitted their writing to the contest or served on our judging panel. We hope to see you again next year!

Letting Go

You’re alone
Don’t fit in
Depressed, stressed

You’re at the breaking point
You’re done, you want out
You think that if you end it
Everything will be fine

But what you don’t know is
By hurting yourself
You’re hurting others

People do care
People do love
But only if you notice

Kayden L., 7th-8th Grade


When I am lonely
No one knows I sing to
The wind of silence

--Celeste H., 7th-8th Grade

Poem Writing

My mind, blank.
My drive, non existent.
My creativity, gone.

Time runs at the speed of light
While my only thought is
“What am I going to write?”

I inquire a peer, maybe two,
asking the same question that has been made impossible for me to answer
For some, no response.
However others replied,
Only to say the same exact subjects I had rejected in my head.

No, too cheesy
“How about nature?”
Too overwhelming
“On the other hand, I have more time, I’ll do it later.”

The week flutters by
Just like the colorful butterfly I saw the other day!
“Should I write about that?”
No, too simple.

The weekend arrives all too early
I’m running out of time
Out of ideas, motivation
I have wasted my time, again

It’s Monday night
I have no other option
But to write whatever comes to my empty mind.
My first thought,

Nothing, blank, emptiness.

--Richard M., 7th-8th Grade

What is the world we don’t see

What is The World We Don’t See
Open your eyes
see the world
For what you see might not be what Is real

The world is poisonous
A deadly place
It can strike and ruin anyone in Its wake

For what has the world led us to do, Live on Streets and roads
While others live like kings in their humble Abodes
As the world brings darkness in Its wake
It brings light throughout the day
The humble and kind live on to Help
Through means of shelter and food they help Out

For what is the world we live in
A world of dark and light
Where the light help and give
While the dark take and never dare Forgive
They take our homes and shelters Away from us
For buildings and stores where we are not Allowed

Open your eyes
See the world

For what you see might not be what Is real 

--Avi S.,7th-8th Grade