The 2015 Annual FCPL Poetry Contest Will Begin April 1st!

Welcome to Fresno County Public Library's annual poetry contest!  Submit your original poem anytime from April 1st to April 30th, using this form here.  The three best poems (winners will be notified ahead of time) from each of four age groups will be awarded Target gift cards.  All entrants may choose to read their poem at the Awards Ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Saturday, May 30th from 2-4pm.  We can't wait to see what you come up with this year!


Sometimes in life you have to give up

Or live it up as they say because you're not guaranteed the next day.

Giving up is hard, no one ever said it be easy, saying I love you should come from the heart, doesn't matter if it sounds cheesy.

Life is full of choices, choices that sometimes people make for us and we go along with it, boy what a mistake.

Yes we all have a choice but it seems that everybody around you wants to steal your voice.

Stand up for what you believe in or leave everything behind, speak your mind live in the moment don't live your life in rewind.

Make an impact in the lives of everybody you come in contact with. Give up? Yeah that's alright when you're giving it all up to Christ.

Life is a beautiful thing when you're a human being, life is accepting and believing in the unseen.

--Jose R., 25

The Prayer

Some say that you were just a man, Lord
But there's one thing I can see.
The things You did and the things You said
were not at all like me.

For when was the last time
I stretched out a comforting hand
To an adulterous woman scorned by the town
or the body of a leprous man?

Or how long will it be
Or how long will it take
Before I restore the sight
Of men who are born into darkness
Without comfort of spiritual light?

And when was the last time
I promised the poor and alone
That if they will live only for Me
They inherit a permanent home?

But the most amazing difference between us-
The one most easy to see
Is the fact that I never said "Father forgive them"
As I hang dying on a tree.

Lord, even if You weren't the Son of God
And were what they want You to be,
You'd be the greatest Man on earth
And not a all like me.

Deborah H., 59


Once upon a time in a fairy tale land,
A prince and a princess strode hand in hand.
As one, they could face the world, build a new life,
But from almost the beginning, it was fraught with strife.
Long, long ago, there were glorious days,
Filled with laughter, love, and the shining sun’s rays.

Time passed, the rain set in, and soon it came to light,
‘Neath the glimmering surface, a tale dark as night.
Just as summer’s heat turns to winter’s cold,
It was discovered that what glittered was not gold.
For her prince had created a fairy tale life,
So in love, she would fall, and become his wife.

He became what she longed for, and that’s what she saw
Through her rose-colored glasses, her heart filled with awe.
A fa├žade is difficult to permanently keep;
When the truth was revealed, she did certainly weep.
She mourned for what was, could have been, and was lost;
She grieved for the sweethearts whose love was star-crossed.

So sadly, this princess now lives in a daze,
Love and respect gone astray, mind in a haze.
Where love once dwelled, there’s a deep hole in her heart;
Cruel words and deceit have torn it apart.
Is it possible for love and trust once shared
To be renewed and the grave damage repaired?

In fairy tales, dreams certainly come true,
But does that prevail in reality, too?

--Linda H., 62


I wake up to a different world on a different day,
at times I wish I could just fly away.
I'd see the clouds floating in the sky, maybe they'll
smile or maybe they'll cry?

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be a star up in space
and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find my place?
I used to be called a dreamer, back then I once was one,
I lost my heart along the way, and thought my dreams were done.

I've found the puzzle missing from deep inside my soul,
you've had it this whole time, never letting go.
I can dream again now that you've made me complete,
I promise to repay you, with my talents and feats.


--Eric M., 26