Thank You to All Who Submitted Poems!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Poetry Contest!  Your submissions will be sent to the judges and the winners will be notified. The three best poems from each of four age groups will be awarded Target gift cards.  All entrants may choose to read their poem at the Awards Ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Saturday, May 30th from 2-4pm.

Deep Within

As we part ways
In the midst of my days
The words we hold
The one we told
The fear I brave
And we will live til the grave
Deep within, bold and true
It says, I love you
Deep within, I feel it
The fire that you lit
Deep within it rises
Holding on to life's prizes
We stand hand in hand
Going to our promised land
Deep within, bold and true
It says I love you.

-- J. Ezra H., 13


S unshine escaping from the cracks in the clouds
P etals blooming in fluorescent bushes
R iding bicycles to your friend’s house
I gnoring those pesky mosquitoes, because you’re having too much fun
N ight falls with a bright, peachy sky
G orgeous spring

-- Riley R., 12


You used to be
A beacon of light
Protection from
The darkness
Of the world
Your eyes
The cerulean hue
Of the seven seas
And they seemed to
Quench all thirst

But one day
A tremor cracked
Your shimmering skin
And your irises grew
Dull and lifeless
Then you shattered
Into a million pieces
Bits of you
Lighting up
The black sky

And that was when
I realized the beauty
In even the greatest loss
For you had become
A phoenix
Rising from the ashes
And spreading your wings
To the farthest reaches
Of the universe

And in the newly lit galaxy
I swear I saw
Two cerulean eyes
Winking at me
In the distance

-- Payton P., 13


I run with the wolves every night
The dark never gives me a fright
When I hunt I am more quiet than a mouse
Seeing the ruins brings me pain
Teardrops leave a stain
On my wind-stricken face
The rain is pounding on the ground
Such a sight, such a sound
In this forest
I am the Alpha, I sing my song
The Omegas sing along
We are the orchestra of the wood

I am watching.

-- Marina R., 12