The 2015 Annual FCPL Poetry Contest Has Begun!

Welcome to Fresno County Public Library's annual poetry contest!  Submit one (1) of your original poems anytime from April 1st to April 30th, using this form.  The three best poems from each of four age groups will be awarded Target gift cards.  All entrants may choose to read their poem at the Awards Ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Saturday, May 30th from 2-4pm.  We can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

The Peace After War

War is the relentless shadow
Creeping through the night
Consuming men and warriors
War is a shadow always seeking more

Ruin is the shine of dawn
Glowing on the broken world,
The enemy’s great pawn
Everything almost lifeless

Hope is the song of birds
The chattering of the squirrels
The city may still have a chance
After many quarrels

Peace is the love after hate
The end of all debate
The melodies of the birds
The rebuilt city is flawless

-- Isaac D., 12

Leave it Behind

You may not realize it,
But running is a good tool,
When it's raining hard,
And you're all alone,
There's the sense of fear at every corner,
When there's words that stab,
There's only one way to leave it behind,
And that's to Run.
Run like the wind young one,
Run faster than ever,
Let those raindrops pour on you,
Let them wash off your tears,
Run till you can't,
And once again you're alone,
But it's a different kind of alone,
A place where you may Cry,
Let the blood in your veins rise,
Let your heart pound like thunder,
And strike like lightning,
Let the moon shine on your body,
Let the stars create a reflection in your flooded eyes.
Let the calming silence fall upon your broken heart,
Let it soothe your pains,
Let it dry your tears and erase your fears,
Don't fright young one,
If you're scared, feel free to Run,
Let the Breeze guide you,
Let your legs run on their own,
Go wherever you wish,
Let the World hold you in it's arms,
Rest in Peace my young one,
Let the worries fly to the clouds,
Rest your tired head,
You're in good hands.

-- Elena S., 12

The Storm

Lightning crashes, I
feel the thunder SHAKE
the earth, while rain AND
wind relentlessly RATTLE.
I wonder if THE
storm will stop and let the EARTH
finally rest. WITHOUT
warning, incredible MERCY
is shown when the storm stops, BUT
will there be more? SUDDENLY
a lightning bolt flashes. I
realize the storm has come to a STOP.

-- Leah B., 12


Everyday I tell myself
It going to get better
but when is Better coming
because I been waiting
for an awful lot of time
where is Better
because all I see is just
much darkness up ahead
How is Better
because his condition
seems to get worse every moment
Why is he even called “Better”
Because it seems to me
even he gave up on this thing called

-- Gurjot S., 13