Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

Here they are! The winners of the 2016 Fresno County Public Library Poetry Contest. Thanks to all the poets who participated this year and our fabulous judges. The winners were formerly announced in a special awards ceremony for all the poets, family and friends. The winners received Barnes and Noble gift cards. Enjoy reading all the poems!

3rd-6th Grade 

7th-8th Grade

9th-12th Grade


Thank you!

This year FCPL received an incredible number of outstanding submissions! Take a look at all of the fine poetry that our community has to offer! Winners of the contest will be notified prior to the awards ceremony.


Im kind
Im loving
Im sweet
Im funny
Im strong
Im walking
Im running
Im falling
Im yelling
Im crying
Im breathing
Im praying
Im releasing
Im believing
Im hoping
Im grateful
Im perfection

--Theresa G., Adult

Cancer Kills

It changes people
the way they view life,
who they are and
it changes the people
who love them the most.

It destroys life,
while ripping families apart.

Cancer kills
everyone it effects.

Cancer is a life changing disease
it completely changes
the life you once knew.

When Cancer strikes
lives change forever.

--Makenna W., Adult


She's often mocked by her more popular sisters, who say,
Their beauty is enhanced by the blue waters of their Bay;
Many pass her by while only giving her a cursory glance
And others detour around her, without giving her a chance

She's often laid to bare under the scorching summer sun
And those who do not know her, seek her sisters’ for fun
Yet, she's graced by beautiful and stately mountain peaks
And she is hostess to the sustenance that everyone seeks

They flocked to her over long, dusty and craggy roads
Yearning to deposit upon her the burdens of their loads
Her loins were rich and spacious, her womb fertile to be fed
Men desired to sow their seeds, and a place to lay their head

Her livelier sisters, both to the north and down to the south
Rarely has good to say about her, coming from their mouth
Yet, she breathes in the dirty air, her sisters send her way
And it settles over her, causing her many a teary-eyed day

She has been given a reputation that causes many to tease
Without really knowing her, they miss that she can please
Hidden beneath her comely exterior, there, true beauty lies
She has an inner beauty that’s deeper than seen by eyes

No, she has no clear, blue waters lapping upon her shores
There are no nightly suitors who are knocking on her doors
She doesn't entertain the richly elite in her elegant suites
She is not glowing with pomp and glitter, with broad streets

She's often treated like a step-sister, like that Cinderella girl
Given all the dirty chores, and hidden from the outside world
But like Cinderella, she too, can also be the Bell of the Ball
When the High Speed Rail System brings the world to call

She will slide on her silver slippers and don her flowing gown
And proudly will she welcome her sisters to her elegant town
When they pass through from San Diego, LA, to San Francisco
Then they'll see their sister's charm, and the beauty of Fresno!

-- Aqeel E., Adult