The way it feels

I don’t have any flowers .To give 
.have my heart 
. to give 
.take my hand 
.follow through 
.the path 
.Would take with you 
.In this world 
. Filled with curiously and love 
. like my heart has for you 
. palpitating fast 
. Through the flower garden. 
We go. 
disregard. What’s around 
.Focused on 
.The connection between us. 
Desperately. Searching into your eyes
 .Key to the soul 
.Welcome me
 .As I Do
.Allowing me in 
 .Raw love 
.Getting lost in your eyes 
.Entering another universe 
.Finding peace, You
 .In it .All I wanted 
.All I needed 
.All I offer 
.Worth more to make a life 
.With you 
.Than to live alone 
.That day will come 
.That day I’ll go 
.Anywhere you go 
.I will follow 
.Can’t separate 
.Two souls 
.Who share 
.A heartbeat

--Nina J., 9th-12th Grade