Angels on earth

Angels on earth
Angels who scream for the ones with no voice
Angels who weep for those who can no longer laugh 
Angels who care for and protect all forms of life 
No matter how despised by the majority 
Angels who write their own bibles 
In scribbled pastels and messy paint pens 
Angels who wear religious robes of scuffed up jeans and decorated hoodies 
Angels who collect trinkets in tote bags for their shrines and alters 
Angels who nail art and magazines and news papers to their walls like proverbs to a church door 
Angels who’s DMs are always open like a confessional booth 
Angels who walk with canes because the weight of humanity’s sins is too much for their legs to bare 
Angels who’s backs that once held magnificent wings now ache in a way that no painkiller can manage 
All of them 
Angels on earth

--Koa P., 9th-12th Grade