''If only I had been there''

The day I dreamed, the day I wished,
in the wilderness, a new foundation, The air I smelled a life-fulfilling,
full of light, a new revelation,
full of greens, a new beginning
Flowers blooming, powered with love,
trees waving for eternity,
a stream of salvation, a new path,
the feeling of the wind, a breath of life,
looking at the sky at his Handiwork, And Atlas, a star, the everlasting Kingship
Changing those within it, becoming His people, His children
In the wonder of His good work,
with His everlasting covenant sealed forever.
Wishing and Believing this could go on forever,
though it only looked like a dream
If only I had been there

But knowing I will go there someday yes, I will be back
walking through the wilderness, flowers blooming, the trees standing firm,
the wind blowing, the light shining through me,
and the streams of water gladly rejoiced, an ornament of grace,
all put together of the glory of His work.
Atlas a shepherd calling his sheeps,
In a gentle voice, he called out
''come, come, come
your time here is over little one''
It only felt like a dream,
But in reality, he was calling out to me

--Rafael E., 9th-12th Grade