Ode to my pets

Pets, pets are not just animals, pets are family.
Starting with the biggest dog, to the smallest turtle.
Love, pets are love always,
Like a day in your childhood.
Harmless like a baby,
Full of happiness and gratitude.
Dogs, soft like a blanket,
and turtles with their shell, that protects them like a shield.
Always wanting to play and waiting for their food,
They can’t live alone,
They have to have love and compassion, just like a human.
Pets brighten up a sad day, only with their happiness,
They accompany you when you need it, even better than a friend,
They can listen to you without commenting,
And give you love if you need it.
For this and more reasons,
I believe that my pets are not animals,
They are my family.

--Kareli S., 9th-12th Grade