Waking up and wondering what hit me,
Just could not figure any of this out. 
I never chased my dream, falling short everyday of my life; 
Well that gives a man second thoughts. 
I always wonder if anyone else in this world feels the same way as I do. 

I thought taking the road less traveled would define me..., 
Well, it was not what I hoped or planned for, 
'Cause I ended up broken and this is who I am. 
I just did not want anyone in this world to see me this way, 
For I do not think honestly anyone would understand. 

For me, I am really good at burning bridges. 
All this time I never knew what I was doing with myself, 
Thinking the sand will never run out inside the hour glass, 
For the one thing I was looking for I could not see was so simple, 
And now everything caught up with me on this winding curvy road. 

When things go wrong..., 
There are no simple answers. 
In the final act I built this prison around me, 
Hardened and conditioned by this world. 
What if I was born in a different place and time?
I blew up every bridge behind me 
And I always feel black and blue as a result, 
Causing hell with those around me, 
'Cause the truth is, what was I running from...? 
I always new those quiet painful silent tears were eating me up inside. 
a different place and time? 
I feel sometimes doing wrong justifies being right, 
it is a sacrifice that a man has to do, 
within the irony of being true in this broken down world. 
Right there in black and white, 
Mm, that is the story of my life.

--John P., Adult