Wish Upon A Star

The land of imagination, is where I wish to stay. But even dreamers have to wake up to the sunny light of day. 

Walking to school, kicking a rock away, while other people run around or go on a nice vacay. 

Homework is stressful. And then my teacher gives another test. I said. "Gosh, my life is a total mess!" 

When I walk home to school, I go straight to to my room. Not in the mood to pick up a dirty plate or a wet broom. 

Before I hoped in the world of Virtual Reality. I look outside to see the stars looking down on me.

I remember my mom telling me to Wish at night. And I knew the reason why, it's because she believes in wishing on those bright lights! 

I put my hands together to make a wish hoping it would come true. I wish that would make my life brand new... 

I'm sure you know the words as well. Come on and say it with me, it'll be swell! 

star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight. 

I wish my mom well, since she's gone through so much. Taking care of a reckless daughter, a distant husband, and a whole lot bunch! 

I worry tomorrow will be stressful so please make my stress go away! The stress is tiring so please don't let it stay! 

I also wish my dad was here, because he is very far. Now I will leave my hopes and dreams all up to you, wishing star! 

Help my life go better, and make my life shine bright! A light so bright it'll light up the night! 

I go to bed and turn off the lights and drift off to sleep to rest. Because reminder: Tomorrow I have a test! 

My dream was like a fantasy straight from a book! The scene is like a fairytale with a beautiful look! 

I enjoyed my dream very well, and then I woke up. Of course I was sad, but hey. At least I get my morning hot coco in a cup. 

My day was great, I passed my test, all was looking well. It's like my wish came true, but in another way, I can tell! 

When I wished upon a star, it came true in another way. "Maybe it's true?" That's what I say! 

Every good thing in this world started with a dream. So hold on tight to yours and don't loose hope on your beam. 

So if you think your hopes and dreams are very far. I recommend Wishing Upon A Star!

--Alianah Frencheska B., 6th-8th Grade