My Wildflower

A tribute of a disabled lady to her beautiful caring friend.

Her beauty is like a balm,
On my rough and calloused palm.

Her presence has the colors of spring,
Lots of joy and laughter to bring.

Her eyes can light up a room,
At once to dispel all gloom.

Her contagious smile is so priceless,
That my legs are no longer lifeless.

She is like a wildflower in a meadow,
That I can watch from my window.

Her beauty is unmatched and rare,
So is her tender-loving care.

She has become a reason,
To be happy in every season.

She is like a monsoon breeze,
In my desert of difficulties.

She is God’s special gift,
For my spirit to uplift.

With her patience, I can thrive,
Feel happy about being alive.

From her every word, solace I gain,
To kill every iota of pain.

Even if for a moment she may depart,
Her presence is permanent in my heart.

She knows not what she is for me,
For her love God, I thank thee.

She is a beloved friend of mine,
But she is almost like my lifeline.

In the storms of life, when I'm low,
She suddenly appears like a rainbow.

She will be my wildflower forever,
Nothing can separate us whatsoever.

--Sonia S., Adult