not a lot, just forever

based off the song not a lot, just forever by Adrianne Lenker

In the quiet of the evening, where whispers linger long,
There's a melody of longing, a tender-hearted song.
"not a lot, just forever," she softly sighs,
In the gentle embrace of twilight skies.

With each strum of the guitar, a story unfolds,
Of love's delicate dance, in the hands it holds.
Not grand gestures or promises grand,
Just the simple desire to hold a hand.

Through the ebb and flow of life's fleeting stream,
They find solace in the spaces in between.
In the silence of companionship, they find their grace,
A love that transcends time and space.

For in the quiet moments, when words run dry,
They find solace in the language of the sky.
"not a lot, just forever," they softly say,
In the tender embrace of night and day.

So here's to love, not bound by measure or time,
A sacred bond, in the rhythm and rhyme.
"not a lot, just forever," they gently confess,
In the heart's quiet echo, a love to bless. 

--Azariyah W., 9th-12th Grade