In my dreams
I wish to stay
In this beautiful neverland
Where all my problems go away

But then at last
Gravity takes over
And I freefall
To reality

I come crashing down
Into a world with all my problems
And I remember the feeling
The feeling of my neverland
I want to chase it
But something stops me
And I remember

When coming down
From my world in the sky
I jumped from the open door

Because somehow I realized
That this world
My neverland
Was all a lie

Like a devil by the window
It called to me
I wanted to stay
But I knew that if I did
It would be worse for me

So I waved goodbye
Goodbye to my neverland
Ready to face
My reality

But I knew one day
We would meet again
For it chased after me
Like we were cat and dog
But it would do me no good
to run away
So I faced it
Head on

My neverland
Thank you for all you’ve done
But you are a lie
Not my real home
Farewell neverland
It is time to leave
Freefall to chaos and reality
Away from the temptation
Of my neverland
Who called to me

--Aminah H., 9th-12th Grade