Just like a seed that has no say in where to grow,
I am the same and just went with the flow,
But never am I more thankful to grow on Fresno ground,
For it was here that I was lost but was also found,
Take a look around and you will begin to see,
How the nature of Fresno tells a story so deep

Its year begin with stillness and awkward silence,
As I step out of comfort and my bed fell from view,
The door open and a new world walk by an eyeless,
Drown with mysterious breeze with little to no clue,
Down below, young grasses push to grow,
As the ice froze them down leaving them with no hope,
I hop in the car ready to row,
But the windshield wipe take me as a joke,
Finally, dad melt the ice with a bottle of water,
As we drove to seminary meter by meter,

Though it seem long, Spring did take place,
A generation of blossom fills the lonely space,
Natural perfume race to breeze the air,
In our front yard, peach blossom was what the branch wear,
When thinking life cannot get any better,
Summer enters and blessing cannot be measure,

Within a short month, the blossom now retire,
As fruit sprout from tree to tree and ensure of no delay,
Globe of melon juice fill every soul that desire,
Don’t forget to thank mother sun for her generous rays,

Now you may think it’s safe to say,
Things will come and will forever stays,
But in nature, ending meets all,
So it’s also safe to call this as the fall,

Autumn invade and forbid summer’s tradition,
So those countless nourishment begin to have limits,
The songs of sunshine joy aged into rushing wind rhythm,
As though it’s racing time minutes by minutes,
The rustling of Mr. Brown Leaves strictly record each movement,
Now that Old King Fruit no longer has the throne,

Though the vineyard grapes seems like some achievement,
It’s use is to be preserve for future needs of unknown,
Step by step, General Autumn prepare the day,
For another dark season reign by King Winter’s way

Oh look at Fresno,
Oh look at Fresno,
The acceptance of all and the diverse that abide,
From season of hopeless to season of awesome,
From time of darkness to time of sunshine,
From trees in need of growth to trees ready to blossom,
So this invite is sent to me, you, and anyone else,
Please be willing to make Fresno like no place else,

--Teresa V., 9th-12 Grade