Thoughtless Thoughts

A tired body moved its tired feet, my body.
A porch that seemed to be never ending glared at me
Eyes focusing on a blur in the doorway.
Davin, it was Davin.
My body put on a bright smile.
Ears overwhelmed, familiar voices, dogs barking and a tv on.
Bathroom, the bathroom
A hideaway from the voices, all except the thoughts in my head.

2 hours.
All but 2 hours with them. I could go home later.
Davin talks at me, muffled sounds as I tune in.
Religion, a question my inner thoughts dreaded.
A fear of insecurity tucked inside a box in the corner of my mind.
An exotic collection of religions.
The gun pointed at me.

“Mormon” a sea of confusion rushed over faces.
My mind began to melt.
Response that only fed my delusions like a dog begging for scraps.
My fears of uncertainty, leave room not enough for my thoughts.
Beliefs and hopes, crumbling done with me.

Friends and family dressed in black.
A funeral
An honor of false tears.
Tears shed to ease my broken mind.
Running from the truth that my thoughts convinced me were true.
Everyone I ever loved,
Never loved me back.

So, goodnight
Goodnight apothecary,
Goodnight untimely death,
Goodnight trust,
Goodnight beliefs,
Goodnight hope.
And so, goodnight.
They have proved my thoughts to be true.

--Juliette S., 9th-12th Grade