Children of the Sun

We are the children of the sun
Tethered together by various shades of knowing
we flow into one another the way that day bleeds into night 
Intertwined as past is future is now, 
we harvest the bounty of Mother Earth
as she births life anew in our souls 
From the depths of our bellies God cries out to be set free 
Yearning for us to create and release, 
to let it all go, if only so it can return to us once more 
In new form 
With new shape 
Nestled around old beings 
As the ancient wisdom of ancestors root us to the ground
and self expression urges us to soar 
returning home to a sacred place that will always lie within 
Can you see it? 
Will you allow your heart space to beat with it? 
To take on old rhythms as they dance to new melodies? 
Remember that we are the children of the Sun 
nothing can die here 
All can only be composted 

--LaTasha K., Adult