he is a cool february morning with a warm cup of coffee in hand. he’s a walk at midnight lit up by only the moon and the stars. he’s homemade chicken soup when i’m feeling under the weather and my comfort show i watch when i’m having a bad day. he’s a kiss at a red light and a “get home safe” text. i want to know everything about him. i long for it. each thing i learn about him only increasing my affection. every fact i am told only solidifying the notion that he is everything i’ve ever needed. everything i’ve spent my entire life missing. i didn’t know the space i’d been trying to fill would be in the shape of another human being. that his touch could heal my scars from past hurts. that hearing his voice after so long spent surviving would finally make me feel alive. and if for some reason i never heard from him again i would spend the rest of my life eternally grateful to have been blessed with his presence for any time at all.

-- Madison B, Adult