A Future

I imagine a new world in this archive
where we, are not marked enemy 
where we are not quieted 
where we are not alone 
or desperate. 
And I hope when they dig us up 
pull us up from under the pretty flowers 
The doctors, the workers, the ones who remain all say 
our bodies were ready, melded with gold 
pieced back together, formed into a history of change, magnificent things
and I hope they are reminded who 
our Movement was intentional each mark on the skin 
Each moment of shame or gratitude, was us reviving what it means 
to survive, what it means to pluck the thorns from the flesh 
Ask for help, allow the self to break the cycle. 
We cut we cut we cut we cut we cut away. 
I imagine a world, let it be bold, bright, and full 
of embrace, shivering in delight, into the unknown 
toward a fearful and brave glow, leading us through 
I mark it here.

--Mateo L., Adult