Have you been to the library?
Oh, you don’t read books all that often. 
What about audiobooks for trips across town and waiting at long red lights? 
Still not your thing? 

What about CDs? 
It’s music without commercials. 
You already pay for music streaming services. 
Maybe DVDs for in home movie nights with popcorn and cocoa? 
Ahh…you already pay for movie and TV streaming services too. 

Do you play video games? 
The library has video games for multiple consoles. 
Oh…yeah…you’re too busy with school to play video games often. 

Well, what about access to a study or quiet room with free WIFI? 
Not only can you find space to work, but you can use the online resources. 

The Library pays for online resources, research platforms, and programs that would be useful to a student like you. 

Everything is accessible with just a library card. 
I’m not joking. 
It’s real. 
A Library is more than books. 
It’s a safe space with Librarians who are there to help you.
A Library is for everyone. 
Even you.

--Brooke P., Adult