Where Am I From?

It’s so confusing to pinpoint the location
Where am I from?

Am I from the dirt and dust our lord made us out of, as they say?
Am I from the rich and delicious foods my nation is made out of?

From the sacrifices may I rise, and I will praise maize for its existence
I must raise my next of kin, as I give up an education that was laid right in front of me
while my husband is away


Am I from the place where at the age of 13,
I am presented with all the overwhelming options I have to continue my life.
Am I from the place where I have everything my parents couldn’t at such a young age?

The place where kids take the roof over their heads for granted,
as they whine and complain about not having the new phone model
Where everyone is seen as “equal”, yet the nation suffers from violence every minute

I always felt unusual to be known from just one place
At least these feelings aren’t new, as kids and adults alike suffer from the disconnection from their cultural hearth and question

Where Am I From?

--Neida R.B., 9th-12th Grade