Memories or Not

Do you have a memory that makes you want to laugh or cry, or both?
I can remember what happened last week, 
but if you ask me what I ate for dinner last night I may have to think for a while. 
You walk into a room but forget the reason for the direction. 
I can remember a song, the title, and author, but forget all the words to the song. 
I can remember a friend, but an acquaintance it may take me a moment to remember them. 
It may take a few tries to associate them with clues about them. 
Memories of Rain is happy if you're inside looking out, buy maybe sad if you're caught outside in at picnic. 
Memories of songs like CCC, of the 60's or 70's get your foot a tapping. 
Memories of war make you sad. 
Memories of baking bread, cookies or pies for the holidays put a smile on your face. Memories of a funny joke makes you giggle. 
Memories of a dear friend gone make you sad. 
Memories of your spouse no longer here on Earth makes you want to cry. 
Memories to share or to keep to yourself. 
Memories of myself when I look into a mirror.

--Deborah P., Adult