Healing Storm

The storm rages on,
The winds howl and moan,
Lightning strikes,
Thunder roars and groans.

The darkness surrounds,
The rain pelts and pounds,
The waves crash,
As the storm gains ground.

The storm is a reminder,
Of a past that won't let go,
Memories that haunt,
And emotions that flow.

In the aftermath of the storm,
Is a world torn apart,
Debris and destruction,
An unsettled heart.

But amidst the chaos,
There is a glimmer of light,
A hope that shines through,
Breaking through the night.

The storm will pass,
The sun will rise anew,
And the world will heal,
As it always knew.

So let the storm rage on,
For it will one day subside,
And the scars it left behind,
Will heal with time.

--Kaylynne L., 6th-8th Grade