The Stately Iris Flower

Bearded irises are tall and stately in form

They grow from rhizome sculptured leaves through a storm

Standing stiffly upright or curving at the tips

A swollen stem where nutrients are stored at the hips

Spring growth occurs, and then irises take a rest

Further growth accruing very hard-pressed

Leaf fans upward and roots downward in the soil

Rhizomes harden to help bugs uncoil

The stigmatic lip lies on the underside

The pollen-bearing anther hides in perfect stride

Bearded irises are charming and a complementing flower

They grow untouched for years hour after hour

There are extensions, horns, spoons, and flounces

Falls may be frilled, smooth, ruffled, and bounces

Once open it will remain in good condition

Warm temperature, water, and holistic nutrition

Dwarf bearded irises are known for their contrasting color

Beautiful contrast along beds make others seem duller

Bearded irises are plants thriving in the sun

Choosing an open field of irises is so much fun

Plant at the edge of a sunny border

Branched stems produce buds of multiple order

Lovely for picking in a small arrangement
It’s a good idea to mark for broader changement

--Cynthia R., Adult