Surviving Another Winter

An icy colorless blanket
Covers the ground where I stand.
I clasp my hands
Together as if in prayer
Searching for warmth
Amid abject cold.

I’ve been out here forever.

I fear what may happen
If I linger any longer
There are many eyes watching
While I try to coax a flame
Out of nothing more
Than a cloth I’ve carried far.

It’s the last memory I have.

Using only truth, speaking words
That rend my heart to share
I breathe onto the spark
That somehow comes alive
Though cold and bitter wind
Fights vehemently against me

I’m not ready to give up.

The tinder and kindling
Hungrily grasp the flame
Fighting one another
Like wolves with the last
Scrap of meat left to share.
I hurriedly add some fuel.

Now I see it’s up to me.
-- Rene P., Adult