Dark storm invading coarse desert sands

Between the in-betweens of toes, searing the soles

Cirrus clouds swirling and caressing in the sharp breeze

Malicious chapped kisses on already-dried arms

Exhausted breathe wasted on silence

Stretching and fading, eviscerating mountains of reasons, proofs, and doubts to rubble

Reminiscent of what was thought to be Babylon



Tear visible only in the darkest mirror

Two minutes too late

Arms wrapped around a thinning ghost

Ashamed to leave





I wish I loved you the first, second, third thousand time

Instead of acquiescing to the seductive soliloquy I was sold on by corner mannequins

Shadowing the empty car to nowhere

Proximity to promises of just one more time

Lips pried open with forceps and clamps

Waterfalls of a briny sting

Flood the hallow plastic and drench the cotton to the skin

Second hauntings in the mirror

Forgotten at the seat at the table

A child’s unsatiated appetite for a substituted love

I wish I loved you the first time
--Ryan C., Adult