Amidst the damp and rotting leaves found on the forest floor 
The scavenger consumes its ghastly prize and waits for more 
And though death’s smell permeates the heavy moistness in the air 
The lambs still come, led by those who know but do not care 

The filtered light plays tricks on those whose vision is obscured 
And secret messages are passed around, all without a word 
The agents of this hidden plan remain well out of sight 
All the better to spread the pain, exacerbate the fright 

And as the clouds sweep across the sky, shifting shadows seem to speak
And logic closes its weary eyes as reason’s strength grows weak 
At last, the darkness falls hard upon the heads of the deceived 
And soon they are entangled in the web of lies believed 

And out from the gloom the rustling leaves indicate the presence of a stranger 
And mortal fear strikes deep in the heart as the fog conceals the danger 
Then piercing cries fill the dank night air and the violent struggle ensues 
So, the silent lambs become, once again, the souls that it can use 

But a distant light begins to shine from a clearing beyond the trees 
And the warmth of its rays and the power of its Love is carried in the breeze 
And the scent of the One who is armed with the Truth makes the hideous scavenger flee 
For the lures that it uses to trap all the lambs will be exposed for all to see 

In spite of all the hopelessness that remains among the rotten 
The souls of all the vanquished lambs will not remain forgotten 
And the cries of all those wandering souls who were misled along the way 
Will now be answered by a loving heart who ushers in the day 

And to those who were promised the earth by the scavenger--one day, they too, will part
But their souls will remain imprisoned because they turned a deaf ear to their heart
And as the Light of Truth arrives with the glistening dew of morn 
Hope begins anew for those who seek to be reborn 

--Edward G., Adult