Every Life had its Challenges

Though we are tied to that path, we…feel.
The current pushes like a fiend,
away from the goals we’ve achieved.
This river overwhelms,
like the salmon fighting its way back home.
But unlike that salmon,
who never gives up the fight,
I let the current’s jurisdiction deem me

I’m thrown into the ocean, oh how vast it is!
But its layer of Sunlight is dimmed,
The blue Twilight is pressuring in,
Then through this Midnight, there reigns no
Is there anyone in this plentiful ocean who
can… h e a r  m e ?

Every life has its challenges,
People have their own ‘little’ box,
The box once being open,
It’s components are laid bare,
The box therefore is thick, sealed and closed,
How do we know if its fragile, it’s not disclosed,
Its thoughts for the box, is it really to protect?
In reality its regret.

Sometimes the silence is too loud,
when the issues start to arise.
Thoughts become the nuisance of the
The article of clothing, fashion, and
organic shapes,
The eyes, they’re to scrape,
The world wants to soften your clay,
YOUR shape, YOUR form, it’s crucible!
Yet discontent is on its rise…
Can’t argue, “I’m me,” if you don’t like your
own body.
The smell of food, you’ve let your body
wear away,
“I am full, but thanks.”
But reality is saying “I’m starving,”
Because you want to become more

Actions unspoken, toxic stress,
How can I even EXPRESS,
But child, your not…not alone,
Call 988, and please… don’t postpone…
Help is there, even at night,
24/7 to fight that fight.
You don’t need, to go out the door,
you just need a call, with the phone,
Because every life has its challenges.
Know you're not alone.

--Adamaris L., 9th-12th Grade

Library note:
If you or someone you know has an eating disorder please seek help: please call the the Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention Hotline at 1-800-931-2237.