Quandary of the Soul

Not a piece of pawn to control,
 Nor a deck of cards to play. 
Not created for the sole purpose of your gratification, 
But a being endeavoring to resonate with the harmonious life.
 Humbleness and kindness, 
Humanitarianism and altruism 
Is what I strive for.. 
Turbulent calmness, 
Craving for inner peace.. 
Lacking assertiveness, 
Yet yearning to be heard.
 Can you hear me, 
Little slave? 

Intentions that were never meant to become a disaster, 
Shapeshifting humor that morphed into an everlasting master. 
Obsessing over the idea of perfection, 
Crucified with a blade of deceitfulness. 
The war of mischievous playfulness, 
Buried in the blackness of your conscience. 
The pulsating beats of Eudaimonia, 
Bewildered the nothingness of an empty soul.
 And you dare ask why I am insane?
--Sima C., Adult