Its all nothing here but reflections

I reflect on reflections : water is my canvas 
earth is my paint, air is my brush, sun is my painter 

I reflect on why minds and surfaces both reflect
I bend back to latin : reflect is to bend back 

The mind and the surface both show us 
Illusions : to trick us like narciss-us 
who died for his reflection. Narcissus 
was greek like the word psychedelic 
who alters consciousness like reflection
who alters reality : psychedelic in greek
means to manifest the mind. 

I reflect on reality : without reflections.
The opposite of reflection is absorption 
A lot of absorption is expansion, and 
A lot of expansion is explosion, and 
A lot of exploding bodies is a lot of water 
Which is a surface that can not not reflect. 

This reflection on reflection concludes with the reflection 
that reflection is the start of the reflection, reflection 
is the end : finally reflecting after all
it's all nothing here but reflections. 

It's all nothing here but reflections.

--Priyanka S., Adult