Pain of Ukraine

God Fearing, innocent, humble & hard working. . . with each day a new try.
    Few words of this country's plight described. 
Forever tormented, left unhealing scars. 
    Some fled, others stayed, dwelling and occupants charred. 

Enemy projectile hurling towards target . . grows louder. 
    Impact silencing more than soldiers; convincing what once was 'Anti-war' doubters. 

Hammer and Sickle, Big Bully Brother leadership propaganda, 
    Annihilation and death, are all they discuss and clamour. 

Outsiders temporarily safe indoors, glued to television watch in horror. 
    Left in ruble and ruins, a corner grocery store. 

Children missing school; the fire drill [this time] real and permanent . . 

    Displaced friends and crying out, even as more aid & weapons are sent. 

Ukraine's President displaying courage, never one willing to cave. 
    Broadcasting alone . . the new face and definition of BRAVE. 

Reporters chance risking everything, for the days show and tell. 

    bombardment after bombardment, this corner of the world's newest hell. 

A battle won here and there, evidence to show a destroyed tank. 

    Men moving into position, recalculating . . . praying . . . repositioning their flank. 

And as dusk sets in on another day, week, month and year of evil clandestine. 

    On the horizon . . . out there . . .next Apocalypse . . . . . . Israel at peace with Palestine.

--Alex F., Adult