My Heart Is A Good One

Inspired from Lilo&Stitch
“It’s...broken, but still good.”

I have a heart, and it is a good one…
It ushers and tethers me. 

My heart is a good one. 

Caress that gentle giant, the one who tells you to wither not, 
The one who tells you… 
live…I’m trying so hard 
Be alive even at the strokes of brushes of feathers, or 
trail of daggers meandering and raving down your back 
Press your hands to it, feel it working so hard to keep you 

My heart is a good one. 

Life in its rawest form 
Palpitations after palpitations. 

I have a heart, it is a good one. 

We see the tenderness, the struggle 
in newborn life, 
A fissure out of an eggshell, 
A tiny hand grasp, tight on your finger 
Yet we don’t see it in us… 
We’re struggling to live too… 
We all are… 

We have a heart, it is a good one. 

Listen to my connection of time, 
It ticks and beats 
Interweaving every precious tocks of my life 
Transcending time 
To love’s end 
Like the end of a string 
Who’s fettered on the other end. 

Another good heart?

-- Amanda V., Adult