Let the Boys Be Boys

Let the boys be boys
Why are you in such a rush 
to push them to become men 
when developmentally 
they are young to preadolescent. 

Let the boys be boys 
Please, allow them 
to learn from their mistakes 
without such harsh discipline 
When to behavior changes, 
it just doesn't equate. 

Why not, just let the boys be boys? 
He doesn't belong in the school-to-prison pipeline 
My gosh! He's only 10, 11, 17 
But lurking in his educational background 
is a badgered soul whispering, 
"Stop picking on me!" 
"Start believing in me!" 
"Can't you see, I too, have dreams!"

But your actions make it difficult 
for him to believe 
that he's able to achieve 
The pictures that you've painted 
with your words and actions thus far 
have destroyed his self-efficacy, 
his current reality 
his self-worth 
deflated his self-esteem! 

Let the boys be boys 
Please stop trying to rob their lives potential 
before it even begins! 
Just let the boys be boys; enough said, period!

--Lakeysha M, Adult