Leave A Legacy

What is a legacy?
A legacy is an impact 
The mark someone left
 Legacies are not forgotten 

Farmworkers leave their legacy in the soil 
Their blood, sweat, and tears 
Their fingerprints on the food we eat 
Their signature on the world 
They are not forgotten

 Cesar Chavez left a legacy 
One of justice and of hope
 His inspired many more 
He fought for the legacies of others 
He is not forgotten 

Thanks to the legacies of others, 
America is fed 
When we look at food, 
There are legacies 
The farmworkers are not forgotten 

The world is shaped by legacies 
Good or bad we learn from them 
They inspire us to change 
Legacies are not forgotten

--Norah M., 9th-12th Grade