Journey Ahead

Whether it's scaling a mountain, or writing a rhyme,
Planting a seed, or standing the test of time, 
Let your purpose ignite, a fire within, 
Embrace the journey, and the beauty will begin. 

Journey ahead with passion and fire, 
Believe in yourself, for greatness you possess, 
Courageous in spirit, A leader in your stride 
Aim high, let your dreams inspire, 
Overcome obstacles, Rise above the rest, 
Make a difference, let your impact abide. 

Optimism fuels you every endeavor, 
Reach for the stars, Reach higher and better, 
Grit and determination, let be your guiding light 
Ambitious and driven, with all you’re might 
Never give up, keep pushing through 
Success awaits you, it’s true. 

The path may be winding, with shadows in sight,
But dawn always follows, chasing away night. 
Embrace every challenge, a lesson to hold, 
For within every struggle, a story unfolds. 

With a heart full of kindness, and a hand to lend, 
Together we arise, a force that transcends. 
For in unity's embrace, our spirits ignite, 
Dreams take on wings, bathed in hopeful light. 

So rise up, brave soul, let your spirit take flight,
The world awaits the brilliance of your guiding light. 
Go forth with purpose, with passion ablaze, 
Chase your dreams, for life is a beautiful maze. 

Victories echo, a testament won, 
But lessons from stumbles help us become. 
Embrace every scar, a whisper of might, 
For wisdom resides in the darkest of night. 

No two journeys alike, each a vibrant display, 
Embrace your own rhythm, and light up your way. 
Let your voice resonate, a melody true, 
The world needs your essence, uniquely you 

In the stillness within, a quiet might resides, 
A wellspring of courage, where confidence confides. 
Trust the whispers of hope, the strength in your soul, 
You are the author, it’s your story to unfold.

--Katrina N., Adult