Child of Clay

I am a culmination of the women who came before me,
the creativity and love in their hearts flowing through the blood in my veins. 
Their bravery, no matter the size, motivates me to continue.
I craft their love with gentle, unskilled fingertips, into my own vessel.
Within, I pour seeds of self discovery.
I add in the dirt and compost of my past, things recycled and given new life by the earth.
I water it with tears of a young girl, now changed. 
The young girl lives within me, her spirit undaunted by the surrounding world. 
She may be wise beyond her years, yet, she still remains childlike- 
creating mud pies against the ground, discovering something new;
the world is full of whimsy, and so is she.
The sunshine of her smile challenges the clouds.
As her sun rays beam onto the seed,
within the vessel begins new life, a sprout, hope. 
Hope that one day I may become someone she thinks is beautiful,
that she finds my soul is not only inside, but is shared with the surroundings.
I breathe out lifeblood for the trees, I inhale their gift to me.
I pray that she is proud of who I have become.

--Jamie L., Adult