Weary For You

I live for the blurred light posts of the night,

each spec of light leaves my eyes longing for a sense of hope,

hoping that one day I’ll be able to see you again,

take my days of life as grains of sand,

for one day the grains will wash away and so will I,

so long you weary sinners,

for I am onto something greater,

I live to feel the stars watch down on me,

I have disheartened you,

yet you still give me your timeless love,

I cannot fathom why you have left me here,

yet I understand I will see you again,

I yearn for your acceptance,

I live to see your reflection mirrored in water,

your spec of light paves faith into my life,

I would give anything to feel your warmth,

to be by your side,

because you live, I can face tomorrow.

--Destiny V, Adult