To Whom to Follow

A Garden Full of Locks
To be within a mindful lot
Of pickets and pocks
Full of a garden growing locks
To a mind full and swell
A garden to dismantle
A cage of disparity and shallow

My garden of bright rainbows
My cage of truth
My endless space

Of endless prosperity

The flowers ever so beautiful
Are flowers you may never know
Were traitors to yourself and to your eyes
Decievers of a kind
With roots ever so spreading
Poison ivy laughs
As spiders jingle

Tangled with thorns
To whom to follow
We may never know
Under the sun and moon
Angel of the sky
Come ever down and to whom will you decide
We all in the end are absorbed
Of greed and delight, sadness and terror
Happiness may never be for one another

--Akari M. H.