The Perfect That Never Existed

A glass complexion
Not me I hate my reflection
Hating my reflection is a sign of imperfection
The idea of perfection is an infection
Pretty isn’t Perfect
Perfection isn’t pretty
For people who believe in perfection I feel pity
Models and unicorns are somewhat alike
Pretending to be real and something we like
Both are a mask
And share the same task
The task to amuse us
But when we compare us to them it will abuse us
Though we should know they aren’t real
And that they are not really ideal
We still get an insecure feel
Feeling insecure another flaw
Thinking about your nose
Thinking about your jaw
Thinking about this unachievable beauty standard law
Here we go again
Overthinking about another fault to amend
You thought your mind was your friend
But even your mind and feelings turn on you in the end
Stop thinking about your flaws
This is the last of the straws
Perfection is an illusion
So here’s my conclusion
Perfect it may seem
But good is how it should be deemed
--Gabrianna R., 9th-12th Grade