Memorial for Sunflower

I saw a gruesome sight today
As I drove my route back home
When I looked to see dear sunflower
She was dead and cold as stone

I hate to even tell you
Of the sight in which I saw
But if I do not share her story
I fear you’ll never hear at all

Her head stooped hanging low
With a crown of thorns adorned
It appeared a crucifixion
On her very own front porch

Her arms had lost all color
From emerald to deathly brown
Oh the pain! I cannot fathom
As she fell back to the ground

“Oh dear sunflower! My old friend,
How I’ll miss your sunlit rays
And the joy you brought our neighborhood
Through the things you had to say

May your seeds grow deep and strong
Through your incredible sacrifice
You are truly inspirational
As your death brings forth new life

So I’ll water you with my tears
And I’ll cheer to your goodbye
For you were always my favorite flower
your daily passerby

--Isaac M, Adult