Lost Dreamers

I think we have reached the edge of human evolution,
The end of an age,
Generation after generation, we have pushed to become better,
Better, stronger, faster,
The new generations are failing,
Failing to meet basic requirements and be imaginative,
History repeats itself,
But this time I don’t think it will,
We are too focused on ourselves to make actual change,
We are failing the generations before us,
This is our last dance,
As the consequences of generations failing to be something,
Something other than an influencer,
Failing to actually be a dreamer,
Failing to see the world around us,
Bring back actual dreamers,
Rather than influencing and video games,
We don’t need more influencing,
People need to break out of this new bizarre system,
And believe in dreams and the stars.

--Madeline T., 9th-12th Grade