Dear My First love,

From the moment
I met you I thought you were the
love of my life

Through all the laughs and cries,
All those lonely nights I never
stopped asking myself why did
our time together have to die.

When you stopped saying
“Goodnight” I stopped sleeping.
Did you only talk to me ‘cause
you were bored or did you really
love me like you swore.

Hearing your voice was like
listening to my favorite song for
the first time, the memories come
back and the tears start rolling
down my eyes like a waterfall
lost in time.

I gave you my all and my trust
why did you leave me to rust if
you loved me dearly why did you
have to leave so early.

You were the only person who
knew everything about me now
you’re just a stranger who
knows my whole life story.

Not a day goes by that I want
to tell you that I miss you but
it’s now to late ‘cause our
relationship is lost in the

And I’d go a thousands miles
to find you but now all of that
is buried beneath my fake

It’s crazy how one person
could make your life better, I
thought you were that person
but I guess not you were just a
lesson from God. I still love you
too much just to move on.

--Carolina T., 6th-8th Grade