Dear Moon,

Dear moon, who compliments like stars,
The night sky couldn't ever be seen as lively,
For the moon, it's like the sheer of Mars,
Comprehended in ways, it's presently divining.

The moon shines bright, akin to the sun's light,
In the night's melody, its tune is spun,
Howling alone, yet comforting another's plight,
Guiding companions away from the darkness shun.

Dear moon, the one I admire most from above,
Like yesterday, like tomorrow, in eternity, the night will remain,
Previewing the boundless nights with an enticing love,
Saw you by glance, filled with uncertainty my heart cannot be restrained.

Far from touch, I admired you,
Even if I may not be yours, I loved you.

--Rain X., 9th-12th Grade