Coins and customs

Clipping coupons to make it by
Exchanging the change with a farewell sigh
Picking the pennies up off the street
Was like finding gold next to your feet.
Grabbed a can opener and opened the peas.
While the chicken is defrosting it's testing my ease.
Climbing cupboards for that silver shine,
My plate is a portrait of a distasteful crime.
No choice but to savor every bite,
The options weren't loved, but appetite's delight.
Eating with 2 fingers, no utensils in sight,
Keeping the tradition in a stable flight
With just a plate, shared among all.
The piece of my culture standing tall,
Empty stomachs, but with a full heart
This part of my tradition that will never depart.

--Om-Alhair Q., 9th-12th Grade