Under The Sea

10 Years ago I was drowning, unable to breathe. I was trapped.
Under the dark blue sea, I tried swimming up to shore but I was weighed down by these Anchors heading towards the flood.
No Matter how hard I tried I couldn’t open my eyes.

I was sinking under the sea where the light couldn’t reach nothing but an ominous feeling took over me.
I wanted to scream but nothing came out besides the last bit of air that was within my mouth.
I didn’t have the satisfaction of feeling the sunlight hit my face,
With this overbearing depression pulling me against these waves my final thought was 
“I’m about to hit the seafloor no one can hear me anymore.”

--Jasalyn S., Adult

Library note:
If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, you can call 866-629-4564 to reach a specialist with The National Depression Helpline. It’s a free, confidential, around-the-clock helpline for depression and/or anxiety.