This One

Opens even the car door, pays for food unless I insist
and put in my credit card first, smiles 
with glimmering surprise when I kiss him on the cheek,
works at a tortilla factory, owns twelve house plants
in white ceramic pots, has read Les Miserables three times,
speaks nearly flawless English with an accent
I usually understand but occasionally have to say, “wait what?”
and we laugh because my Spanish is nonexistent but at least
I can roll my tongue, brings colored vases of carnations
when I am sick, asks about my day, texts during work 
between paperwork and quality checks and late flour deliveries, 
says this sixty-hour week isn’t forever, just a few more years
because of the work visa, drinks coffee with milk, 
talks to my mom about Mexico, is good 
at every board game I teach him, orders pizza from Pieology 
with a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette, got an MBA just in case, 
says he always wanted to date a girl with freckles, falls asleep 
during chick flicks with his head on my shoulder.

--Trianne H., Adult