The Way to Succeed

The best way to be successful is to follow your passion
Have the courage, make a plan, put it into action
Always dedicate your life, one day, you’ll start passing
Look for people who can help you, go around, keep asking

Keep on working in the dirt, keep on working in the heat
Bring some friends with you, keep on working with the Gs
You can do it, man, just keep your head up, keep pushing hard, don’t let up
When you feel down, dry your tears, man, and get up

No more quitting until you win it, no giving up until you get it
You will get it someday, just be pivoting ‘til you hit it
Just keep hitting hard, if you’re in music, keep on spitting bars
Keep hoping that your efforts will help you get far

You may not get it the first time
Or the second time, or even the third time
You may be done a lot of dirt for it
Good things don’t come easy, you got to work for it

--David O., Adult