Silence of a Love Gone Wrong

Joy – sweet, heart pounding, stomach clenching joy
Eyes meet, hearts beat, hands held
Silent kisses, stolen wishes, futures bright
A love so pure your breath is stolen
Joy is golden

Then one day – out of the blue
Why is it blue?
It should be black
Black as death
There is…


Sorrow – heart pounding stomach clenching sorrow
Confusion reins
Tears flow, heart stops, brain rebuffs
Breath stops

Puzzlement, uncertainty, turmoil
No answers given


Broken, bleeding, destiny leaving
Heart carved out of your chest
No more tears left to shed
Am I dead?

No answers, just silence

Bruised but no longer bleeding
Head heavy with sorrow
Eyes swollen with tears, no longer shed
Memories of a love, now dead

Was it all just a lie?
Can you even tell me why?
I don’t know what to do
Living life each day without you

Pick myself up, anger ensues
No answers to why
No final good-bye

Missing my best friend
I’d have stayed to the end
Left picking up pieces

And still only


--Jacqueline C., Adult