O’ To the Yosemite

O’ To The Yosemite 
Land of Tenaya 
As the Majesties
 Of the Creations 
Of our Forces Give 
From Where our Spirit Lives. 
May Those of Today,
 Journey Back to 
The Feelings of Peace And of Natural Rhythms
 Of the Clouds And of The Seas. 

O’ From the Yosemite 
Land of Tenaya
 Bent to Yield 
Forgiveness to 
Those Who Tread 
Your Gracefulness 
Through Your Forests, 
Through Your Streams, 
Laden with Your Beauty. 

O’ To the Yosemite 
Land of Tenaya 
Reaching Out 
To Those Yet to Come. 
Hope For This Land-
Your Love Lasting-
Ever Stretched in Beauty, 
Your Voice Like a 
Soft Breeze in the Rustling Branches 
Of Your Heaving Breast, 
Babbling Brooks, Splashing Waters of Your Cascades. 
Give us Your Peace.
--Barbara P., Adult