My Loving Pets

I love my cats,
Oh, how I love them
Their names are Lowkey and Sassy
Lowkey is very laid back
but Sassy is a drama queen type of cat.

At times, when I fret
or I’m scared
Feeling like I’m in a never-ending pit of despair
My cats are there
like angels who save me
Like a phoenix who cures sadness
or even depression
They bathe me
in their love
Caressing me through their rubs
And soothing me
With their purrs

Even at times when I want to give up
I think of my dog
and how he’s always there protecting me
and keeping me from fear

And that makes me happier
than a poor person who is now suddenly rich
My dog’s name is Woolfie,
And he is heaven-sent.

The only dog who is old and playful,
sad and happy,
sometimes mad but never violent,
A loving soul
And if pets could go to heaven
He’d be sure to go

Before them all there was one cat,
Named Cleo/Leo,
We found him in a tree,
He brought us so much joy
And although he was with us
For a little while
He left an imprint in my heart

Now he’s in heaven,
And forever in my memories
Leo, I miss you
And your playful spirit
Will always be with me.
I thank God for my pets.

--David M., 3rd-5th Grade