Harsh Storm, Flourishing After

I said “no,” on that cloudy evening,
to your pleas of going outside.
And, as if on cue, the clouds started crying,
the sun stopped shining,
the lightning was striking,
thunder clapping,
as we hid under the beds.

The storm had begun.
After an eternity of rain and lightning,
the sun came out and thunder stopped laughing,
but nature’s show wasn’t over.

A brilliant rainbow lit up the sky;
A combination of water and light
and the sun made the dewdrops shine like
thousands of tiny diamonds.

The luck that this could be
was better than a four-leaf clover.
With puddles to be jumped in, and a rainbow to see, 
this was worth the wait of what felt like eternity.

--Vivienne C., 3rd-5th Grade