A lifetime deleted 

With a “fill in the blank” 

Truth a saving grace 

Now a wreckage 

My heart burns

 A seizing pain 

Chest of iron 

Barely breathing 

Barely living 

What a beautiful night ruined 

What a mess of shattered dreams 

What could have been a ring 

Not even a righteous memory 

Childish my tear! 

Overacting, yet there’s nothing like it 

What is “the end” 

Why is “goodbye” 

When is “too late” 

Oh, let me forget

 Just for one day 

Let me continue my daydream 

When it’s a lie 

Comfort and confront me 

Give me wisdom 

Give me reason

 Lie to my broken heart 

How they fall so heavy 

When they’re supposed to be light 

My tears of glitter 

Paint the night sky 

With shimmering nothings 

What could have been us 

Now just wet stardust 

What could’ve been now 

Is just never 

As I wait for another 

My eyes may shimmer 

As my tears fall like glitter

--Meniah W., 9th-12th Grade