Desperation Is a Mirage

I found myself in a ball in the corner of the room with my eyes closed
Tears were leaking down my face and onto my arms
“open up”
i don’t think I can unless you tear me limb from limb
“talk to me”
Id rather rip out my vocal chords
“please just look at me”
my eyes hurt
a warm embrace that feels like pure light holds me
while in the same position my tears start flowing more
I howl my sadness into them
like a wolf i’m mistaken
i’m no hungry killer
just lonely
in search of others who can understand
“open up when you’re ready”
in better words, I wont fight you
“take your time then we’ll talk”
I hesitantly wrap my arms around them
“you’ll be okay”
words i’ve never heard in return to me saying them
In the moment I feel safe, despite the horrible pain still in my chest
In that moment I feel seen and in a odd way, okay
Thats when I opened my eyes and look around to an empty room
light coming in from my window
and I feel the tears that stained my cheek
desperation is a mirage

--Madison S., 9th-12th Grade